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Veil Nebula Mosaic - in Cygnus

Optics Borg ED101 at f/5.3
Camera Canon EOS40D modified
Filters IDAS LPS V3
Date Jul - Oct 2008
Location Antares Observatory
Sky Conditions mag 5 sky - average
Exposure 35x15min, 166x10min at ISO800
total: 36h 25min
Programs used IRIS, DeepSkyStacker, Photoshop
Notes This image is a five frame mosaic. Hot temperatures during most exposure nights (~15°C) resulted in very noisy images.

The Veilnebula is a supernova remnant exploded some 5'000 to 8'000 years ago. Due to the comparably close distance of about 1'500 lightyears, the remnant covers an area of roughly 3x3° in the sky.


Click on the image above for 40% view of the eastern part of the nebula, NGC6992 (423KB)


Click on the image above for 40% view of the western part of the nebula, NGC6960(431KB)

Veil Nebula

click here for a 40% size 2123x2484 (2330MB)

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