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Globular Cluster M5 in Serpens

Optics Borg ED101 at f/5.7
Camera STL11000M
Filters Baader Halpha LRGB
Date March 12 -May 22, 2010
Location Antares Observatory
Sky Conditions mag 5 sky
Exposure LRGB = 169,70,90,60min
total: 4h 49min
8x20min and 3x3min for Luminance
Programs used CCDStack, Registar, Photoshop CS4

M5 is a slightly elongated globular cluster and is thought to be one of the oldest globular clusters with an age of about 13 billion years. Its diameter of about 165 light years makes it to one of the larger globular clusters. Being about 24'500 light years away, M5 has a diameter of 23 arc minutes in the sky.
More information on this fascinating cluster can be found here and here.

Globular Cluster M5

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