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Dumbbell Nebula, M27 - in Vulpecula

Optics 14" Newton f/3.8
Mount ASA DDM 85 XL
Camera FLI 8300ML
Filters Baader Ha, OIII, LRGB
Date July/August 2014
Location Nerpio, Spain
SQM-L typically around 21.9mag
Exposure [Ha],[OIII],LRGB = 22.5, 38.5, 4.3-4.2-4.5-4.8 hours
total: 79h
FWHM 2.2 arcseconds
Programs used CCDAutoPilot, MaxIm DL, PixInsight, eXcalibrator, Photoshop CS6
Notes Images were taken in collaboration with Robert Pölzl.

This extremly long exposure (almost 80h) shows very faint nebula structures around the famous dumbbell nebula with its known Hα and [O III] halo. Interestingly, the faint structure in south-west direction (lower right) was found in the Hα+[N II] and in the Luminance channel.

A 135% resolution images of the center of M27 is given below:


Dumbbell Nebula

click here for a 80% resolution image, 2493x1842 (4111KB)

An LRGB image without narrowband data enhancement can be found here.

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