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Dark Nebulae - LDN988, LDN982, LBN408, LBN409 and LDN981

Optics TEC 140APO with Flattener at f7.2
Mount AstroPhysics 900GoTo
Camera STL11000M
Filters Baader LHaRGB
Date September - Dezember 2013
Location Antares Observatory
SQM-L 20.53mag ± 0.35mag
(8 nights, 35 readings)
Exposure LHaRGB = 5.7-5.0-3.3-4.7-3.2
total: 21.8h
FWHM 3.1 arcseconds
Programs used CCDAutoPilot, MaxIm DL, PixInsight, eXcalibrator, Photoshop CS6

This relatively dense dark nebula region is located about 6 degrees north of the North-America Nebula (NGC7000). Looking more into the details of the image, numerous interesting small objects can be found. One of these objects is 'V1331 Cyg', a T Tauri star that is embedded in a circumstellar and a helix-shaped nebula:

Click on the images below to get 125% resolution images of V1331 Cyg (at the foot of the Star-Wanderer) and LBN408, LBN409, LBN412, and GN 21.00.7:

Star Wanderer LBN Nebulas

ldn988 preview

click here for a 75% size image, 3000x1990 (4480KB)

The luminance image can be found here.

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